Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Hey friends!

Today on the blog I wanted to talk about sustainable fashion. With Instagram and perceived perfection from the outside looking in, I wanted to show that it’s okay to wear clothing more than once or even rent!

I had rented my first dress for for a wedding and fell in love with the designer clothes without the designer price tag!

DISCLAIMER: This is also not a paid promotion. I wanted to make a blog post about this because I am all about sustainable clothing for out future

Overconsumption and disposal of surplus clothing have become a problem. Renting clothes is a way to affordably wear designer clothes, and ethically take part in trends. Therefore, I find renting to be so valuable.

For those that are not familiar with Rent the Runway, it has clothing to rent for all occasions. It used to be just for formal wear but now, there are soooo many options to choose to mix and match for different events. For $159 a month, you can rent 4 pieces at time. Did I mention shipping is freaky fast? It delivers within two days. There is also Unlimited where it allows you to swap back a style anytime at your convenience.

I see Express and American Eagle have hopped on this as well! So companies obviously see this model is working.

Express has their Express Style Trial for $59.95 where users can choose up to three items at a time. Plus, there is discount on items you’ve tried and want to purchase.

American Eagle’s version is a drop clothing rental service. Subscribers can rent their clothing for $50 bucks per month for 3 items at a time. There are also discounts on items you want to purchase!

Everyone sees this altered reality on social media and I want to normalize and tell those who are reading that it is OKAY to re-wear your clothes and to RENT clothing. Photos below are from outfits I have rented from Rent the Runway. I am such a fan of this and hope this sustainability continues to progress in the future. Until next time!

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