3 Tips before pitching to a brand

Here are 3 TIPS before pitching to a brand as a microinfluencer or content creator

1. Pick the right brand that aligns to you

Ask yourself, does this brand align to my personal brand?

It is important to select brand that aligns to YOUR personal brand. It is important to to have similar target audience so you are confident that you can create amazing content that is mutually beneficial on both ends. I would suggest a product you are already so passionate about or maybe a brand you already use! This will make it 100% easier when you are creating content for that specific brand since you are already a fan of!

2. Bring Value

It is important to research the brand. Would you go to an interview without prepping and researching that company beforehand? This is the same idea. It is important to know the brand, their target audience and mission statement to see if they align with your personal brand as well. This will also help you determine what values you can provide to them. Once you figure out what value you can add to their brand, mention it in the email when pitching!

It is also important to know your analytics when pitching to a brand. This is where your social media kit comes into play. In my social media kit, I have updated analytics and insights to all my social media platforms. Knowing your value is one of the most important steps when pitching to brands because this is where you can tell a brand your “worth” essentially and can negotiate on rates.  

3. Updated Contact information

I cannot stress this enough. Brands are businesses and often have a ton of other emails to sift through. Make it easy for the brand to access your social media platforms. Help them to be able to help you! Make sure your links are working-especially if you are sending links in your email.

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If you have questions about getting paid, rates, pitching, or anything blogger related… message me @mai.lookbook! Until next time friends!