Story of Mai life

Welcome to Mai Lookbook! My name is Elsa Mai and I am a speech-language pathologist finding my creative outlet blogging about things I love.

Where are you from?

I was born in Montreal, Canada but grew up in Houston, TX. I went to University of Texas at Austin for undergrad and I loved Austin so much I decided to move back after finishing my Master’s in Speech-language pathology.

What is your blog about? 

I wanted my blog to really show the real me. I saw it as an outlet to showcase my love for all things fashion, home decor/organization, and to share my recipes with others.

What is your dog’s name and what does it mean?

I have a corgi and his name is Booga. He is the absolute love of my life and the sweetest pup ever. I just thought his name Booga was so cute and fitting and I guess I just kinda thought of it one day and it stuck 🙂