Amazon fashion

Hi y’all! This is my first ever blog post! So welcome to Mai Lookbook 🙂

I kept thinking what to write as my first post and I knew it had to be about clothes I purchased off of Amazon. I mean come on, it is soooo easy to shop around and buy (and even return), I am honestly so amazed when I purchase stuff off of Amazon lol.

Before I really started purchasing clothes on Amazon, I loved buying tech stuff knowing in would come in 2 days! (That Amazon prime is the best!) I had started seeing posts for women’s fashion and saw how affordable it was. However, it was so cheap in pricing sometimes, I wondered if it was good quality. I am happy to show y’all some finds that are super cute and actually really good quality! I always love pieces that I can transition from season to season. All under $100 each..actually this whole first look is under $100!

Summer clothing transitioning to Fall fashion

Dress: Amazon | Booties: Amazon | Hat: Amazon

Happy shopping y’all!

One thought on “Amazon fashion

  1. I m surprised! This outfit came from Amazon! You look is so pretty , charming, n looks expensive! This is your talent to put them together, n you look wonderful. I adore it!

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